Currently we are a group of like-minded misfits aka the League of Mini Mental Men. Here at the lmmm for some bizarre reason we like to risk life and limb everyday driving what can only be deemed 'as safe as a heinz baked bean can with wheels', or a 'classic nightmare' more like, whilst simultaneously throwing ludacrous amounts of time, money, flesh and blood at it almost in spite of the fact that its only gonna fall off again!! For fun we indulge in all kinds of bizarre activities such as sometimes questionable road manoeuvers (always fun and never dangerous, wink), random mini/classic/retro meets, camping just for the hell of it, track days, Karting, minicross, race and drag events, classic shows, and pretty much anything considered.

Anyone can join, regardless of sex, colour, creed, or height. And EVEN if your a member of another organisation or club, we don't care, we wont tell them. Its all about the car's welfare and wellbeing, oh, and being daft and not being judged.
Fun with a capital 'F'.

Feel free to bimble through the site, take a gander, cop a butchers, grab a skinful, 'ave a shufty, do the do, browse the aisle, squeeze the vegetables, fondle the fruit, peruse the pertinence, admire the anarchy, and allow to stand for 1 minute before serving.

Rule 1

A BMW is not a mini...
Rule 2
Classic cars and retro rides welcome It doesn't have to be a MINI but it helps...
Rule 3
Madness is mandatory, as is compulsory chaos.
If it doesn't fall apart its not a classic car.
Rule 5
All cars attending will be expected to rust accordingly
Rule 6
Our members ARE ALLOWED to be members of other clubs, its just rude otherwise...